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Management in Pharmacy


The field of study in Management in Pharmacy is a specialization of the Master of Business Administration (MBA) study program, which the student chooses depending on his / her professional orientation. The selected specialization will be listed on the Supplement Diploma, which will be exhibited together with the MBA diploma.

— Graduate profile —

The graduate of the Management in Pharmacy field of study is equipped with knowledge and skills enabling effective performance of managerial functions in the fields related to pharmacy and pharmacy. In the framework of the study, emphasis is placed not only on the acquisition of theoretical knowledge, but also on the ability to work independently with professional and data sources, the ability to deduce and formulate own conclusions and opinions, apply theoretical knowledge to solve individual tasks and the ability to generalize knowledge based on case studies . Specifically, the graduate is equipped with knowledge, skills and methodical competencies in the areas of management and management, organization economics, marketing, project and strategic management in the field of pharmaceutical and pharmacy organizations.
For successful completion of the study field Management in Pharmacy, the student fulfills the study obligations in accordance with the Methodical Instructions for Study:
  • Elaboration and defense of a dissertation whose topic the student chooses in accordance with the field of study. The chosen topic of the dissertation is approved by the Faculty and with regard to the selected topic the student is assigned the dissertation supervisor from the ranks of associate professors and professors working at the Faculty.
  • Completion of five thematic study modules, four of which form the common basis of the Master of Business Administration study program. The fifth thematic study module is chosen by the student according to his / her field of study and profession from the range of compulsory optional study modules.

— Syllabus of MBA study field —

Management in Pharmacy of the Master of Business Administration degree program

Study thematic modules of the common basis of the Master of Business Administration degree program

Offer of compulsory-optional thematic modules of the Master of Business Administration degree program

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